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Is it hard buying a cheap domain and hosting for WordPress?

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cheap domain and hosting for WordPress
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Buying a cheap domain and hosting for WordPress can be affordable when you stick to the basics starting out. Don’t make the mistake I made by trying to research every single little thing and getting overwhelmed. That’s how imposter syndrome or fear slides in and keeps you from starting. There is no mistake you can’t fix with all the tutorial videos and tools available online.

Having a website will give you the freedom to earn money from home or being location independent. So start with these few steps – Buy Your Domain Name & Setup a Matching Social Media UsernameBuy Hosting for your new WebsiteEasily Install WordPress.

I’m not gonna bother with giving a long written out speech. Let’s jump right into it and make it as easy as…

1 – 2 – 3

1. Picking a Domain Name & Best Blog Niche List for 2019

The best way to find a perfect blog or website name is by choosing your Niche FIRST! I can’t express how important this part is before even starting. Think of what you are passionate about and let those creative juices flow. To help you out, here’s a list of the Best Blog Niches Ideas in 2019:

  • Real Estate
  • Write a Book
  • A personal blog
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Life Experiences
  • Graphic Designer
  • Pinterest Manager
  • Web Development
  • Freelance Writing
  • Sell Memberships
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Hobbies & Passions
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Social Media Manager
  • Get Paid To (GPT) sites
  • Create Your Own Product
  • Start a Blog for your Business
  • Expertise in a particular field
  • Influencers – Pick your Name as your Domain Name


Let me introduce you to one of the neatest tools I found that you can use before buying a cheap domain and hosting for WordPress. It’s called NameCheckr. It makes it super easy with just 1 CLICK for searching BOTH domain name and social media name availability. Using NameCheckr will save you hours of name hunting on each social media platform. Just type a name idea, let’s use “amazingfoodblogger, for example, and it will tell you if that domain name is available and which social media platforms too. (see screenshot below)

Screenshot of the website

Do you need a matching domain name and social profile username?

Not exactly BUT it does help with googles search engine ranking authority and algorithm. Don’t make the mistake I made and overwhelm yourself with “search engine ranking authority”, “SEO algorithms” and that lingo you don’t understand. You will learn all that along the way. Just concentrate on getting started. The first stepsMust buy a cheap domain and hosting for WordPress!

If you decide to go purchase a domain and matching social media user name. I would FIRST lock that social media user name since it’s free. Just sign up that’s it! Don’t concern yourself with setting up the page right away. Trust me doing things like that will start to overwhelm you. STOP and just do the simple steps to get your domain name and matching social media handle name. You’ll thank me later from feeling the accomplishment of owning your first website. The top social media platforms I suggest are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Youtube if you’re going to create “how-to”, “tutorial videos”, “vlogging” or anything creative along those lines.

2. How to Buy a Cheap Website Domain Name

Domain Names for $0.88

Why you want to buy your Domain Name and Hosting from DIFFERENT companies.

Owning a blog or website requires two separate pieces, your domain name, and hosting. The domain name is the address people will use to find your website. For example, Amazing Food Blogger’s domain name would be www.AmazingFoodBlogger .com. You want to buy your website with a domain registrar or also called domain provider. You’ll pay them an annual fee for your web site address.

Now keep in mind that some domain providers also offer hosting packages. It’s easier to buy both your domain name and hosting package with one provider. They will probably even offer you an amazing discount. But keeping them under one roof can cause issues in the long run. One reason you want to purchase your domain name and hosting from two different companies is pricing! If you have both with the same company when it’s time to renew they will hike up the price. Another reason is that if your credit card on file expires and your provider does not alert you. When it’s time for renewal the aftermarket domain name companies will snatch up your domain name. This will result in hours and money trying to prove you own your domain name. So keep your domain name with one company and hosting with another to avoid these headaches.

I recommend NameCheap they currently have Save 15% on your first domain – select from over 200 TLDs OR Get your .com for just $8.88 with Namecheap


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3. How to Buy Web Hosting for your Domain Name or Blog

Web Hosting

Which hosting company is trustworthy?

cheap domain and hosting for WordPress in 2019

I know with absolute certainty that customer service and support needs to be your #1 requirement when choosing a hosting company. Because if you have any issue at all you need to rely on calling your hosting company. Siteground will hold your hand through the process. They are fast, safe and have an amazing customer support team. If you tell them you are not familiar with hosting they will either solve the issue for you or give you their step-by-step guide. It’s okay not to know everything when starting out. We all had to learn as we went through the process. So just get started!

Web Hosting

Once you have purchased your cheap domain and hosting for WordPress. Don’t forget to set up your domain names DNS to point to your Siteground hosting. It’s hard to give step by step for DNS instructions since it will depend on which domain registrar provider you go with. But if you do choose Siteground you can use their “How to point my website to Siteground guide” or look for a youtube tutorial video. After you set up your DNS you’ll have to wait for around 24 – 48 hours for everything to be set up. You’ll receive an email once it’s ready to go LIVE! You’re getting close, YAY!!!

Once you receive your email login to your Siteground account. Go to “My Account” tab and click on “Go to cPanel” (orange button). This is where you have access to many things like setting up your email, adding a subdomain, your file manager and installing WordPress.

cheap hosting discounts 2019

Go to “AUTOINSTALLERS” section (see below) and click on “WordPress Installer for your step by step process on how to install your first website or blog. WordPress is web software to create websites quickly and easily and a content management system. Features include plugin templates, mailing lists, media galleries, and online stores.

cheap hosting promo code for siteground

Once your website is live you’ll receive your login instructions via email. If you don’t have the money to pay for a web designer. Then you’ll want to google “how to build a WordPress website or blog” and find free WordPress themes. Don’t worry there are hundreds of free WordPress themes online for you to choose from. Now go get started, I’m proud of you ❣


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