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WOW! Get Paid To Scan Receipts from Fast Food, Restaurant, and Shopping

Best Cashback Trending App

Let me give you the latest review on the best cash back receipt scanner app that I have been using recently to submit mine. I like to try out any money making apps to save you time from any scams and to give you the 411. Trust me this is not your typical “save money on groceries app”. If you want to learn how to make money from your receipts then keep reading.

No, you’re not gonna get rich off this app by scanning your receipts. The amount can range from $0.03 up to $0.20 per receipt. But if you scan enough receipts every penny will add up. You’re probably thinking who wants to scan a receipt to earn just a few pennies?

Stop Leaving FREE Money on the Table

I’m a firm believer in, you never leave any FREE money laying on the table. I have small pockets of money coming in from many different sources and it all adds up. Sorry, NOT Sorry! Check out my Smart Passive Income Ideas Online in 2019 – Easy & Instant article.

CoinOut has become one of my favorite receipt scanning apps for several reasons. It’s very simple, instant and very little restrictions + no cashout minimum when choosing bank or gift card, and only a $10 minimum for PayPal.

I’m sure you’ve heard of apps like iBotta, Shopkick, Checkout51, and Receipt Hog. These “get paid to scan receipt” apps have restrictions like; you must purchase specific items & it must be from a specific store or you need to meet a minimum of $20 before you can cash out. Thanks, but no thanks!

iBotta Has A New Competitor

I don’t know about you but I like the idea of being able to cash-out even if I only have $2 or $5 in my account. You never know when you’ll need a quick $5 in an urgent situation. I am thoroughly impressed that I can buy ANYTHING from ANY store and they will still pay me for scanning my receipts. It’s annoying going to the store to buy ketchup. Then you get home and find that you got the wrong brand or size and it doesn’t qualify to scan for cashback earnings. iBotta requires you to buy specific brands, specific size and even from specific stores to earn any cashback. Luckily, CoinOut does NOT have restrictions like that, so take that iBotta!

Guess what else you can scan? You can scan your FAST FOOD receipts, your local pizza spot, and even e-receipts. I guarantee a lot of you will be surprised and had no idea you could scan restaurant and fast food receipts. Isn’t that GREAT?!?!? I’m an avid and loyal Amazon shopper, so I’m always earning when I forward my e-receipts to them. (Read more about e-receipts below)

A few things to know:

  • No Cashout Minimum is available
  • Download the App on iOS or Android
  • Cashout options: Bank, Amazon or PayPal
  • Scan receipts up to 2 weeks from the original date
  • No financial information needed (unless you redeem via Bank)
  • Only need to enter your phone number to sign up (yes, it’s that Easy!)

●►●►●► More TIPS to earn More! ◄●◄●◄●

  • You can earn $1 for each person you refer to CoinOut App
  • Each day the rewards and limits may change. So check-in daily
  • Receipts must show Merchant Name, Date, Items Purchased & Total
  • Follow CoinOut on Facebook to join their sweepstakes & more rewards
  • Surprise bonuses for users that upload receipts frequently (so get to scanning!)
  • Make sure your receipt is clear, the better the quality the more you’ll earn! (A lot of people forget or miss this part on their FAQs page)

E-Receipt Guidelines:

  1. Email us only order confirmations (not shipping confirmations).
  2. Email us the receipt on the day you get it.
  3. Make sure the receipt is in text form. We do not accept PDFs, screenshots or links.
  4. You get credit for a maximum of 8 e-receipts per day.
  5. Note: e-books are NOT allowed.
  6. E-receipts are processed on THURSDAYS. Receipts received after 5 pm on WEDNESDAY will be included in the next week’s batch.

I’ll leave you with one last GREAT NEWS! CoinOut has updated its limit on e-receipts from 4 to 8 e-receipts per day. Yes, 8 is now the maximum number of e-receipts you can forward to them. They have not updated their website with the info, but check out my email screenshot below. You’re Welcome!

Leave a comment below if you currently use CoinOut and you learned anything new from this article. I’d love to hear!


  1. This seems to be great! In other apps, there are so many restrictions. It is nice that they accept e-receipt. This is good for amazon shoppers like me. Thanks for introducing this app.

  2. That’s one of the many things I love about Coinout. The little restrictions and e-recipts for sure. If you start using it let me know your own feedback. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info! I’ll for sure be giving CoinOut a try. I’m curious what you think about Dosh? I know it’s not the same concept, but’s in the similar avenue.


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