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KellyConnect Work From Home Chat Support Position Growing and Hiring Right Now

➥ Is Kelly Services / KellyConnect a scam or legit?

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Upon my research and personal experience, I can verify that KellyConnect is NOT a scam. KellyConnect has legit and reputable work from home opportunities for full-time or part-time virtual positions.

➥ What is KellyConnect?

KellyConnect is a leader in the home-based contact center marketplace and employs talented people to companies in need of their skills. A global specialty talent solutions provider to meet the needs of job seekers and employers.

People today are choosing to work in independent ways—temporary, contract, freelance, and as gig workers—to gain experience, advance their careers, and achieve the flexibility to pursue their passions.

➥ What states does KellyConnect hire in?

Their virtual call center environment hires in all 50 states from the comforts of your own home.

➥ Are you an Independent Contractor (IC) or Employee of KellyConnect?

You are an independent contractor and responsible for paying your own payroll taxes and submitting them to the government on a quarterly basis.

➥ Do you pay any fees to work for any of their positions?

Great news! You won’t have to pay a thing throughout the whole hiring and placement process.

➥ What are the requirements and equipment needed to work for KellyConnect Apple Chat Program?

The requirements may vary for each position and I suggest checking the requirements of that specific job. I did compile a general list for their Chat Technical Support position:

  • A quiet work environment
  • Active email account
  • High School Diploma
  • 18 years of age or older
  • High-speed Internet Access hardwired
  • Minimum of 6 months of customer service experience
  • Have your ID ready to show during your webcam interview
  • Schedule an available appointment for your interview
  • Complete the Kelly application called eRegistration
  • A background check screening
  • Upload a copy of a valid photo ID
  • I9-Process – Employment Eligibility Verification
  • USB Noise-cancelling Headset with Microphone
  • Must provide proof of internet service (10mbps download & 3mbps upload)
  • Attendance is mandatory during training
  • Must pass the exam after 3 weeks of training

➥ Is the KellyConnect Chat position full-time or part-time?

You are required to commit to 40 hours per week on a full-time schedule.

➥ How much does KellyConnect chat position pay?

KellyConnect job pay ranges from $12 – $14 per hour + $500 Bonus after 90 days.

➥ How often does KellyConnect pay?

KellyConnect pays weekly on Fridays via direct deposit. YAY!

Piggy bank sunglasses pig

Does KellyConnect provide equipment?

You will be required to have your own computer during the interview process and the first day of orientation. After orientation, they will ship you a computer and dual-monitors to work on for their Apple Chat Technical Support Advisor position.

What is the KellyConnect chat job schedule?

They currently have two options for scheduling. You can choose to have two days off in a row during the week (Monday – Friday) but you’ll be required to work both Saturday and Sunday. Or you can choose one WEEKEND day (Saturday OR Sunday) and one floating day off, during the weekday. Your floating day off could possibly be different every week. You’ll know your schedule a week or two in advance.

How do you get a KellyConnect interview time slot?

After you complete your typing test you’ll receive an email to upload your ID and to schedule your virtual interview. Please note, when you click the “Click here to schedule an interview” link in your email. It’s a good possibility there will NOT be any open slots to schedule your interview. This is very normal and nothing to worry about at all because their appointment slots fill up quickly. All you have to do is check the scheduling system (the link in your email) at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) when it resets. Be quick and keep refreshing the page. As soon as you see an open slot book your time ASAP or try again the next day. Keep trying every day until you get a time scheduled.

Interview slots for KellyConnect chat job position
Screenshot of the system not showing any time slots available

What is the KellyConnect chat interview process like?

During the video interview, you will be asked to show your ID via webcam to the recruiter. You will be asked to pan your camera around the room so they can see your work area and workspace. So make sure you are in the room you will be working if hired. Yes, it’s okay to have your home office in your bedroom. Don’t we all work in our bedroom? No, but seriously, it is perfectly fine.

How do I apply for the KellyConnect chat agent job?

Apply for the Kelly Connect chat job here – APPLY NOW

Check out there other positions: Technical Support Representative – Call Center opportunity.


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