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Customer service agents working from home at NexRep

βž₯ What is NexRep?

Today I will provide you with an updated Nexrep work from home 2019 review. NexRep is a legitimate at home contact center based in the U.S. and they provide remote virtual agents work at home opportunities. They do have a variety of different positions depending on their client’s needs. Currently, they are looking for (IC) Independent Contractors for positions in customer service, inbound/outbound sales and chat support. If you like flexibility, working independently and setting your own hours, then being an Independent Contractor is a great choice.

βž₯ How much does NexRep Pay?

Depending on the position their pay ranges from $10 up to $20 per hour. Their inbound sales positions can range anywhere from $13 to $20 an hour + commission. A few of their positions do pay $0.25 per “talk time”. That’s $0.25 x 60 minutes = $15/hr.

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βž₯ Are there any fees to pay when working for NexRep?

The only fee is a $24.99 background check you must pass to contract with NexRep. When I started working from home back in 2005 a red flag was having to pay for anything for a job. Nowadays a background check and sometimes “certifications” are paid by the Independent Contractor. This is a legitimate expense that does arise from time to time. A background check is required due to confidentiality and dealing with sensitive client information. You do not have to pay for this fee until after you complete their assessment and have officially been offered the position.

βž₯ What equipment do you need to work for NexRep?

You will need to have certain equipment and meet technical requirements. During the assessment, NexRep will inform you of their technical requirements for the position offered to you. I will provide you with a small list of common equipment needed for a remote position in customer service.

βž₯ How often does NexRep pay?

NexRep pays bi-weekly on Fridays.

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βž₯ Are you an Independent Contractor (IC) or Employee of NexRep?

You are an independent contractor and responsible for paying your own payroll taxes and submitting them to the government on a quarterly basis.

βž₯ Is a landline required?

At this time no, since the start of the company, they have never required a landline for any of their positions. A USB noise-canceling headset is required.

βž₯ How much does each position pay at NexRep?

Chat Support Positions provide chat support to the national’s leading food delivery app service for GrubHub. You are helping diners with late deliveries or missing food items via Chat. You’ll receive a chat from diner describing an issue they are having with food delivery. Make a call to the restaurant to determine next steps and return back to the diner on chat to resolve their issue. Earning potential ranges between $15 – $20 an hour.

nexrep customer service work from home 2019 review

Customer Service Positions will be answering questions regarding travel itineraries, food orders, online purchases and more. You will use their available resources and training to resolve problems for the customers to ensure their satisfaction with the products or services they have questions about. Earning potential can range anywhere from $10 – $20 an hour.

As Seen On TV logo for jobs working from home

As-Seen-On TV Infomercial Sales Position is inbound calls generated from infomercials that air on TV. The customers are ready to purchase their product and you are helping them complete their purchase. You introduce additional items that complement their original purchase. Their top agents are invoicing $15 – $20 an hour.

inbound sales nexrep work from home 2019 review

Inbound Sales Positions from the comfort of your own home answering inbound calls. Customers received a mailer about the client’s products, consisting of natural supplements and tangible items too. Most customers know the price and are calling to order. You will upsell and offer additional products to earn even more money. Earning potential can range anywhere from $13 – $20 an hour.

Customer support change agents working

Outbound Sales Positions will require you to make outbound calls via your home computer to customers who have responded to various TV infomercials and already have an interest in the products advertised. For whatever reason, the customer didn’t purchase and you call them back with a better offer! Then you can up sell and offer additional products to earn even more money. These are some of the best warm sales leads you can dial. Earn base pay plus commissions can range anywhere from $13 – $20 an hour.

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