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Passive Income Ideas Online for 2019

A part of my list of passive income ideas online 2019 that is making a come back is GPT. It’s one of the oldest and easiest ways to earn cash and Trending HOT right now! What is GPT? GPT stands for “Get Paid To“.

GPT enables you to earn cash online and giftcards for completing a wide variety of tasks, offers, taking surveys, shopping online, playing games and watching videos. These sites work with advertisers who pay them for consumer feedback and in return, they share these earnings with you.


I compiled a list of legit ways to make passive income online for 2019 from home and/or your mobile device. These all have been tested by me and I approve them to all my readers. Look through this list and find the ones that you enjoy and start making that extra money honey!

Screenshot of qmee earn real cash from searches
Surveys tailored to you & cash for searching – NO MINIMUM cashout
  1. CoinOut – scan any receipt for cash money
  2. Google Opinion Rewards – install chrome extension and/or surveys via their app
  3. Swagbucks – take surveys, shop online, print coupons, run videos passively
  4. MyPoints – run videos passively
  5. InstaGC – run videos passively
  6. KeepRewarding – run videos passively
  7. SlideJoy – unlock your phone screen and earn
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Updated 6/28/19

✍βž₯What is CoinOut?

It’s one of the newest and easiest ways to earn cash for scanning your receipts from ANY retailer for any purchase! There are a few other apps like this one but the difference is, you don’t have to buy a specific item or wait for your favorite retailer to join the CoinOut program. You can scan any receipt that’s within 2 weeks of the original purchase date and must include the date, retailer name, item(s) purchased and total bill amount.

Coinout scan receipt for cash app banner

Plus they have weekly sweepstakes, weekly bonuses and no financial information is needed. Download the app on iOS or Android and enter your phone number and a text message password code will be sent to your phone instantly. That’s it nothing else is needed and you can grab those receipts laying around and get to scanning + No cashout minimum!!!

As Seen on Shark Tank – Just Snap and Earn $$$

Scan and take a photo of your receipts and you’ll earn a randomized cashback amount. Pile up that cash and cash out via bank, Amazon or Paypal. Coin out also offers online cash back from top merchants such as Walmart, Groupon, eBay, Travelocity and others too. Extra ca-ching from weekly surprise bonuses to users that upload receipts frequently.

Read the full article with tips and the latest updates on CoinOut.

βž₯What is Google Opinion Rewards (formerly Cross Media Panel)?

It’s a rewards-based program developed by Google. You can earn passive income by installing their meter monitoring app called Screenwise Meter.

screenwise meter passive income online ideas 2019
Download Screenwise Meter for easy Passive Income

What is Screenwise Meter?

It’s their online program that allows Google ( Google Opinion Rewards) to improve the products they build by seeing how real-world users interact with the internet across the devices you own. You simply download it and forget it! I prefer the Screenwise meter from my passive income ideas list because I don’t always have time to do surveys.

But if you enjoy completing surveys and have the time. You can earn points much faster doing their surveys too. Since I don’t do their surveys at this time, every few weeks I log in to my account and watch the points accumulate from their meter monitoring my internet activity.

I’ll be honest and let you know that they do not have a large selection of gift cards. But since I shop on Amazon often it’s a win-win when I can cash out and add the balance to my Amazon account. The gift card options to cash out are Amazon, BestBuy, CVS, Gap,, Macy’s, Nike, REI, Sephora, Starbucks, Target, The Home Depot, and Walmart.

βž₯What is Swagbucks?

swagbucks on the list of passive income online ideas 2019

One of my TOP FAVORITE because earnings are INSTANT! They have many ways to earn points for cash or gift cards. Don’t like printing coupons to earn points? It’s okay, what about watching videos? Just set it and forget it while you do other things online. Watching videos isn’t your thing? what about quick polls, completing tasks, answering surveys, playing games, reading articles or trial offers?!?

I’m telling you the list is endless and every month or so they have NEW ways to earn MORE! Do you get burned out doing surveys? It’s okay, take a break and find something else. The great part is you can do these anytime, stop anytime and return anytime when you are ready for more cha-ching!

trending passive income ideas in 2019

After you create your account don’t forget to install the SwagButton. Throughout the day, you will be alerted of BONUS point codes for EXTRA $$$! +Plus they are giving you 100 Bonus points for installing their cash back SwagButton using this link.

❗ TIP✎: Did you know there is a Facebook group where EVERYONE helps each other out and gives you the best ways to EARN quickly? These people are Pros and have been doing it for a long time. So you have no excuse to feel overwhelmed when you first sign up because there are tons of members in the group, over 35,000! Check out Swaggernauts Facebook group after you Sign Up for SWAGBUCKS you’ll be thanking me later ☺


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βž₯What is MyPoints?

earning passive income online with is an alternative to the other passive income ideas online 2019 options like Swagbucks. You’re probably wondering what is the difference if they are the same GPT (get paid to) type of website? Well, their points system can be different, some days one platform will offer a special way to earn MORE points so you can cash out quicker. Also, some of these platforms have a maximum limit on how many points you can earn per day or on a specific task (i.e. 10 coupons printed per day or up to 500 points daily to watch videos, etc..)

So signing up for as many of these GPT (get paid to) websites is the easiest way to max out your points and earn passive income! Want to learn more about MyPoints? Then click here to read the full article and watch the tutorial video I created.

βž₯What is InstaGC?

I’ll be completely honest InstaGC is ONLY great for their passive videos/ads. But WOW do their points rack up SO FAST if you do it daily. I won’t even bother to tell you about the other ways because I’m here to tell you the best passive ways. Once you sign up you can look around their website to learn other ways to earn.

Watch Videos is the easiest and most passive way to earn for gift cards OR you can cash out DIRECT DEPOSIT, PayPal and even eCheck. It’s rare I find one that has direct deposit cash out option. That’s a gold mine right there! If you do it right you can cash out $10 a WEEK for doing nearly nothing.

Once you sign up, go to the video area section found at . You’re earning 1 point for every 20 videos and you can check the counter progress at the top right of the watch videos page (see screenshot below).

watch videos passive income online

The BEST thing about InstaGC is you can watch multiple videos at the same time and that is the key to earning the MOST points for cash! My suggestion is to run the video under the Earn Tab called “Watch Videos” and turn the sound off once the video launches. It will play and automatically go to the next video without you having to do a thing.

Also, play the ads/videos simultaneously under Video Fox and AceWall to max out! Yes, you can run all three at the same time! On average you could make $10 a week which might not sound like much but when you do the calculations; $10 a week x 4 weeks = $40 a month (that’s $480 a year just for running videos passively) GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!!

*** The points you earned for the day will be added in one lump sum around midnight for the previous day’s videos watched. So don’t worry if you don’t see the points right away. You also get bonus points if you watch at least 50+ videos within the week to qualify for their bonuses.

❗ TIP✎: I use my laptop to play my passive videos and I turn off the sound. Then I use my desktop to run my web design business and podcast. This allows me to work on my non-passive work while earning and collecting those points for cash! You’d be surprised how quickly those points add up if you stay consistent.

SIGN UP TODAY = Extra Passive MONEY!

βž₯What is KeepRewarding?

Another HONEST review and I will say that KeepRewarding is definitely legit and has good payout options. However, their user experience is not that great. The ease of access on their website can be overwhelming so be ready to sift through all their money making offers & tasks. Just being honest…

Register – it’s free, fast and easy. You will get 25 points for joining. You must be 13+ years old. So even your teenagers can make some extra mula $$$. You’ll enter your first name, last name, username, a password, and address. You’ll get 25 bonus points.

Since this specific post is about “passive income ideas online 2019” then I will jump straight to their video section. Create an Account and go to the “Earn Points” tab and scroll down to the Videos section (seen below).

gpt bonus points passive income sign up
online passive ideas in 2019

*** Please be aware that some times they run out of videos. Click the first one “EngageMe.TV” and if you don’t see any. Just go back and click on the next one, “VideoLoyalty” and so forth and check back often.

If you scroll past their Videos section you’ll see “Earn Passively” section. They have two more ways to earn with little effort. Try their RadioLoyalty, you can listen to a radio station and enter the captcha every 30 minutes and earn points.

You can also click on Minute Staff, which is their offer wall and click the Live tab. You just run their site surfer offers. These are small earners, but are passive and will eventually stack up.

earn passively online sign up

βž₯What is SlideJoy?

It’s a simple lockscreen cash reward app that pays you via PayPal or gift cards for just checking (unlocking) your phone. It’s currently only available for Android smartphones. So every time you check your phone you will see a card with a news story or promotion on your lock screen. Don’t worry you don’t have to buy anything.

You have the choice to ignore the ad by sliding to the right and unlocking your phone or you can engage with the ad by sliding to the left. When sliding to the left, the phone will unlock and you will be directed to the destination specified by the advertising (usually YouTube, advertiser website, Google Play, coupon page – trusted advertisers).

Over time, Slidejoy’s algorithm learns your ad preference based off of your behaviors during different times of the day and curates a more relevant user experience. You unlock your phone so might as well see a special deal you might like and get paid for it, right?

Companies pay money to Slidejoy for showing their offers/ads to you (users). When you download the app you will see “Total Carats” which you can redeem for cash or gift cards. $1,000 Carats = $1 USD and their cash out limit is only $2. My favorite ways to cash out is through PayPal or Amazon. You can cashout via PayPal or giftcards like; Amazon, Apple iTunes, American Eagle, Applebee’s, Barnes & Noble, Fandango, Hotels, NFL Shop, PlayStation Store, Bath & Body Works, Sephora, Walmart and MORE that you can choose from once you Sign Up.

When I do my reviews I believe in being completely honest. No, you’re not gonna get rich and the earning potential can be low. However, you get to choose which app and/or GPT platforms you want to join. Some will love slidejoy and others will not. My suggestion based on my experience is to try them and make your own decision. Like I previously mentioned, some love to do surveys and some hate surveys. Some love to play videos in the background and some don’t.

There’s always a multitude of options with these passive websites which is why I list the ones that are legit and trustworthy. So if you enjoyed this particle “Passive Income Ideas Online 2019” please share it.


PLEASE leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. I’m always here to answer them or create a tutorial video if requested.


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